Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Science Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dominic Ng

Lab personnel


Dr Dominic Ng

Research staff

Yvonne Yee Chin Yeap (Laboratory manager)

Graduate students

Yan Yan Yip (PhD)

Nicholas Rui Yuan Lim

Sana Silva (Masters)

Shu Cheng Wong (Honours)

Our lab also regularly hosts 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate mini-project students, volunteers and visiting scientists.

Staff, post-graduate and honours students

Photo of Yvonne Yeap Yvonne Yeap
Our lab manager. Works on everything. Looks after the 2nd Floor BioRad Imager, the AKTA Pure and everyone in the lab.
photo of Yan Yan YipYan Yan Yip
3rd Year PhD. Co-supervised with Marie Bogoyevitch. Yan’s project is on the cellular regulation of stathmin and DCX. Looks after the BioRad Imager and our plate readers.
photo of Nicholas Lim Nicholas Lim
1st year PhD. Co-supervised with Leonnie Quinn (Anatomy) and Marie Bogoyevitch. Nick is studying the developmental function of fly WDR62 and the identification of its binding partners.
photo of Sana Silva Sana Silva
Masters student commencing in 2013. Sana is working on signalling mechanisms that regulate cardiomyocyte survival
photo of Chu CHeng WongShu Cheng Wong
Honours student commencing in 2013 to study microtubule motor-mediated protein transport in mitotic cells.
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