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Mike Griffin awarded an ARC Future Fellowship

Mike Griffin

Congratulations to Mike who received this prestigious 5-year award for his project involving the interaction of proteins and lipids, a fundamental aspect of cellular processes on all organisms.

Mike will receive funding of more than $770,000 from 2014 to 2018 to study ApoA-1, a protein in blood that is involved with the transport of lipid, particularly cholesterol, around the body. He is interested in the normal structure of ApoA-1 and how incorrect folding is associated with human diseases.

Andy Hill receives joint University of Melbourne and The State of São Paulo Research Foundation funding for Brazilian collaboration

Andy Hill

Andy Hill is developing collaborations with Brazilian researchers through joint funding program from the Melbourne Research Office and The State of São Paulo Research Foundation, - one of Brazil's leading research bodies

The project will investigate how the prion protein influences insulin responses in both healthy cells and those infected with prions. A Brazilian post-doc will conduct research at Bio21 in August and Prof Hill will visit Sao Paulo in November to participate in a workshop on Prion and Prion-Like Protein Misfolding Diseases.

Kat Holt and Michael Parker receive NHMRC top prizes for excellence in health and medical research

Kat Holt

Kat Holt received Highest-ranked Career Development Fellowship – Biomedical, Level 1 and Michael Parker, an associate of the department, and colleagues Angel Lopez and Timothy Hughes were nominated Highest-ranked Program Grant

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Prof Heather Young, The University of Melbourne
'Generation of enteric neurons during development and for therapy.'
Wed, 13 August, Bio21 Auditorium, 12 noon

PhD Oration Jesse Mobbs, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Melbourne
'Carbohydrate binding modules of AMPK have complex isoform specificity.'
Wed, 20 August, Bio21 Auditorium, 12 noon